Power Birthing Online Antenatal Course

Support for expecting women, providing you pain management tools for a great experience

Support for pregnant women and their helpers through labour and the birth of your baby. Giving you all the tools you need for a great experience and pain management.

Power birthing antenatal course empowers women to have a great childbirth experience with less pain

Supporting women/couples through Birth

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Power Birthing vs. regular antenatal classes

The regular or Healthcare provided antenatal classes focus mainly on the steps of child birth, what to expect at the hospital, possible birth positions and what medical pain management options you have. You will usually be asked to breathe deeply through the contractions.

With Power birthing you will learn a different way to breathe, where you are not pressing your lungs down on a already sore and hard working uterus. This course also offers a wide variety of extra things you can do to focus on target one little step at a time, so you don't get lost in the big picture called birth from beginning to end. I will help you make a birth plan and teach you very useful relaxation techniques along with lots of tools for your birth partner to use to help assist you, and much more.

Power birthing empowers women to have a great childbirth experience with less pain.