My story

How Power Birthing came to be:

My name is Mia. I’m the founder of Power Birthing, but also a chiropractor, and a mother of two wonderful boys and neither came easily! 


Power birthing. Mia Andersen


After five years of intense study at Anglo-European College  of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England, I could call myself  a chiropractor. I treat many different ages, but have a lot of experience treating mum's-to-be and later their little ones.  My experience as a chiropractor, and as a mum, has made me realise that women need a lot more support to help prepare for labour and birth than what is offered through the Health care system.

Birth may not only be tough on mum, but that new little one coming into the world may have had a rough start, which can impact on their ability to bond and feed. As  a chiropractor, I  often treat little ones who have had a less easy journey into the world using very safe and gentle techniques to help them adapt to their new world.

But no matter how great the after treatment is, it’s always better to try and prevent rough times if you in any way can. My own desire to give my babies the best possible journey into the world is what helped me to discover and develop Power Birthing.

Power birthing is a system that supports your body in giving birth using natural and on-hand resources without needing interventions and drugs to manage pain. It helps you deal with painful contractions so you can save up your energy for later. You will need all your energy! Those first days as a new mother can be very overwhelming. Suddenly you have the responsibility for a tiny little being, and it start as soon as the first scream fills the room. No rest for the wicked. You cannot just press pause and sleep a few days. Baby needs you here and now!

My two births were very different and yet so alike. The first one was in Denmark (the country, not the city in south Western Australia ;-), where my husband could stay with me in the hospital five days after the birth of our first son. This was lucky for me, because after 34 hours of labor with little progression, I ended up with a C-section. While an incredible rescue procedure, which certainly ensured the health of myself and my baby, no-one really prepared me for the discomfort and challenges I would face in those first weeks after the surgery. I’m not sure I would have had the energy for baby and the massive amounts of visitors coming to see my baby, if I had not used Power Birthing techniques.

My second birth was in Geraldton, Western Australia, and here dad was not allowed to stay full time at the maternity ward. This made me dependent on the nurses and midwifes, and although I planned and hoped for a vaginal birth after my first C-section, the reality was 24 hours of labour and little progression, which meant that my second boy was also born by C-section. I am amazed at how well I did given the circumstances and how proficiently I was able to support my body through all those hours of labour. I used Power Birthing techniques to reduce my dependence on painkillers, navigate the challenges of movement in and out of bed, and being able to hold my new little baby without pain quickly after birth.

Power birthing. Mia Andersen and boys

A caesarean procedure is obviously very inconvenient due to the healing process afterwards, but also a vaginal birth leaves you a bit sore and uncomfortable, so using the Power Birthing techniques will help you through that.

Motherhood for me has been challenging, rewarding and all-encompassing. I have learned through my own experiences as a mum, and as a chiropractor, the power of learning simple techniques to empower yourself and take control of your birth. Power Birthing helped me through two births without accepting conventional birth positions, or being given vague instructions to manage painful contractions. As women we deserve to know what our ancestors knew and to be in the best possible position to take care of our selves and our babies after birth. I welcome you to join me on your journey into motherhood, and to welcome your beautiful little miracle and new love into the world with confidence and power!





Why Power Birthing?

We want to empower women to have a great childbirth experience with less pain.

We teach you simple and proven techniques that are easy to use and rooted in science.

We provide information and tools you need, to develop a powerful birthing strategy by using natural pain management, breathing techniques and partner exercises.

The pain management tools are real and effective, leaving the woman feeling strong and prepared so she can have a great birth experience.

Join our online antenatal training program, and learn with us for a great and empowered experience.







My Training

Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, England. 2012.