Online antenatal course supporting women and their helpers through birth. Giving you all the tools you need for a great experience and pain management.

Supporting women/couples through Birth


Power birthing mom with baby

A pain free birth? Is probably not going to happen, but there are ways for you to reduce the pain and keep in control so you save energy for when your precious little bundle arrives. Preparing to welcome your baby into the world is profound, life-changing, and of the greatest importance to you.



While pregnant, you have had many choices to make and probably asked yourself many questions in order to plan for the best birth possible. Having a good birth means something different to every woman, and whatever birth choices you make, and whatever course your birth takes, preparation is key to entering birth feeling calm, confident and powerful.



Many of us have fears and anxieties surrounding birth, and most of us are concerned about the pain factor and loss of control. With Power Birthing, you will learn to understand the design and function of your body, nervous system and hormones involved in birth, and how your birth partner can support you and understand their role. You will learn tools and techniques to manage pain in a positive way, and learn breathing techniques to help breathe your baby into the world.



With this self-study program, you will be guided through exercises each week to prepare your body and mind for the birth of your little miracle. To support you even further on this very special journey, I will be available via e-mail with support and my own experience, so you get the birth you and your little one deserves! Welcome to Power Birthing. For a confident, calm and powerful birth.  




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Power Birthing vs. regular antenatal classes

The regular or Healthcare provided antenatal classes focus mainly on the steps of child birth, what to expect at the hospital, possible birth positions and what medical pain management options you have. You will usually be asked to breathe deeply through the contractions.

With Power birthing you will learn a different way to breathe, where you are not pressing your lungs down on a already sore and hard working uterus. This course also offers a wide variety of extra things you can do to focus on target one little step at a time, so you don't get lost in the big picture called birth from beginning to end. I will help you make a birth plan and teach you very useful relaxation techniques along with lots of tools for your birth partner to use to help assist you, and much more.