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Buying this online course will give you access to a powerful system of pain control in labour that is firmly grounded in anatomy and physiology, and is practical and informative. All to be studied in the privacy of your home.


Power birthing. Baby


Birth is major and life changing, and preparing for it is like preparing for a big race; the more the better prepared you are physically and mentally, the more comfortable and smooth the race will be. You probably wouldn’t climb Mount Everest, do a marathon or swim a 4 km race without preparation.

The course consists of 4 videos where you will learn all about your amazing body and how you can use all its tools to help you in labour. As a key component, you will be guided through exercises and techniques to teach you how to breathe effectively to actively reduce pain levels so that your energy can conserved for welcoming your new baby into the world. This course also invites you to include your birth partner, who will learn a variety of pain management techniques to support you and achieve a better understanding of their importance during your labour.

This course is best started at least 7-8 weeks before your due date, as some babies may be ready earlier than expected, this is so you can get plenty of practice in before labour starts.

This system has helped many woman already, including myself. You can read my story  here.


Email Support 

With the purchase of the Power Birthing online course, you will receive full email support for up to12 weeks. You can email me any time with questions, thoughts, fear or anxieties. No question is wrong or weird, and I would love to hear from you and help you on your journey. Please allow me up to 24 hours to get back to you, as there may be a time difference to our location. :-)


During labor 

I want you to have the tools you need to have a good experience and to be able to take care of yourself during labour. Through my own experience of using Power Birthing, I learnt, that practice is everything, and I am here to guide you through this process during the last weeks of your pregnancy. Of cause, during labour, I cannot be present with you, but with this course you will learn the tools and techniques for yourself so you are empowered, more confident and truly present when you welcome your tiny bundle of joy.


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If you are interested in the Power Birthing course but unsure if it is something for you, please feel free to send me an email so that we can discuss your questions and options together.

Or, if you are ready to start learning how to have a birth where YOU are in control and your birth partner knows how to support you in the best possible way, sign up now for only AUS $ 299.00 and get started. It is recommended that you start the course no later than 8 weeks before due date to get the best result. Once you sign up, you will be able to access the content for 12 weeks starting whenever you choose to. This will allow you to study and learn at your own pace and go back to review sessions again as needed. If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered, I encourage you to email me to get clarity.



What this course will not:


Promise you a completely pain free delivery

Although some women describe having euphoric and pain-free deliveries, I cannot promise you the same, no one can! What I CAN do is commit to teaching you how to use your body during birth in a powerful way to reduce and control painful sensations. Some pain during labour and birth is normal and inevitable due to the strain on delicate tissues, joints and muscles of the pelvis and birth canal. But we have the power to transform and limit painful sensations and manage them effectively with a few simple tools and exercises.


Make decisions for you 

Every birth is different and individual, and having a good birth means something different to every woman. Birth is also unpredictable and may take a different course to that which you envisaged. Being prepared and thinking through your birth wishes and options is very important. I will help guide you in this process, but the ultimate decision of what you feel comfortable with, will be yours.


Speak to the staff on your behalf

I understand that it can be intimidating to be in the delivery room with a midwife and an obstetrician who all seem to know what is best for you. Don't forget that a lot of advice from the professionals comes from a place of convenience for them and not always respect for your wishes. Again, the most important factor here is information and preparation. Making a birth wish-list before birth is vitally important, and will help you to feel empowered even if birth takes a different course to that which you planned. If your birth partner is also able to support and facilitate your wishes, it will be a great gift for you all. Your birth partner has the ability to be your chief gatekeeper and spokesperson when you are focusing on keeping calm during labour.


Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience!

This is all about you and your baby, and you know what is best for you. It is important to feel for yourself what outcomes resonate the best with you and which choices feel the most appropriate for you and your baby. Don’t take anyone’s beliefs for good value before you have felt deep inside, that this is right for you too.

As we've said before, birth can be unpredictable, and it is important to plan for flexibility in your birth-plan in case birth takes a different turn. I find it a good idea to plan a respectful dialogue with your midwife, doula or obstetrician where you can learn to understand the signs of possible things that can go wrong, and then to be able to plan to avoid them. With this course, I will always respect your birth choices and work with you, not against you, to achieve the birth you desire.



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